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The Fiwalld is a free full-featured firewall on Android, keeps you away from malicious apps.

Key features:

!!! Important: If you get “Trojan report” about Fiwalld by Antivirus scanners, it’s a “false positive” report and please check the detailed statement at the end of the description.

Key features:

  1. Real-time monitor which apps are accessing which servers or active sessions.
  2. Default blocker strictly blocks advertisements, malwares, spams, spyware & trackers, coinminer and prevents your system from connecting to them.
  3. Easy use interface helps you to add your professional firewall rules just with few clicks.
  4. Add or batch provision customed firewall rules for advanced users.
  5. Multi-dimensional statistical analysis allows you to quickly identify suspicious applications.
  6. Predefined non logging DoH/DNSCrypt Servers provide further protection of your privacy.
  7. Support add custom DoH/DNScrypt or UDP DNS servers.
  8. Support batch provision whitelist rules.
  9. Support checking IP location detail info via external Map app by clicking the country flag.
  10. Support Default Block All Mode.
  11. Support IPv6 and IP stack mode selection.
  12. Support “allow rules” under “default block mode”.

If you receive a system prompt that Fiwalld is draining battery, don’t panic. Fiwalld does the connecting work, while other applications save this part of the battery, so the overall battery consumption remains the same. Please know you can’t run Fiwalld and other VPN client at the same time, this is the Android System limitation.

!!! Important statement: Got some feedback from Fiwalld users. Some Antivirus scanners take “2.txt” file in Fiwalld apk as Trojan, please know the “2.txt” file is a pure text file which contains part of ads, trojan domains list that are used by Fiwalld to block them, so it’s a “false positive” report by scanners. And some scanners like AVG already fix the incorrect result after I provide the Fiwalld app and test by them. Fiwalld strickly follows the Privacy Policy https://sites.google.com/view/fiwalld-privacy-policy. If you still have concerns, please contact me via [email protected].

Translators List:

简体中文 by Jane Xu

Italiano by alberto castellano

Indonesia by Light Yagami

Deutsch by mafi82290

Español by Gabriel ACE

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