All about Fiwalld

The story of Fiwalld

Thank you for using Fiwalld. If you read this blog, it means that you care about the security and privacy protection of mobile phones as much as I do. The idea of developing Fiwalld came from my own desire to have an Android firewall software that meets my own needs, and I happened to have a relatively long period of free time to do this in 2021.

Thanks List

With the feedback and help of many users, Fiwalld has become more and more perfect. Here is a partial list of people I would like to thank.

Translators List:

Italiano by alberto castellano

Indonesia by Light Yagami

简体中文 by Jane Xu

Deutsch by mafi82290

Español by Gabriel ACE

Português by Nelson Botelho

Reporting bugs:

Mario Amir


김 창윤

Fiwalld with Google Play

Fiwalld adopts a relatively radical strategy in functional design, perhaps because of this strategy it has been removed from Google Play three times. In order to be able to come back online, I had to adopt some compromise solutions, such as not filtering all Google-related applications and services by default(users can still add them manually). Google is also strict about the use of the VpnService feature on Android. Please check the following link:

All in all, I will try my best to comply with Google policies, but I don’t know if Fiwalld will be removed from Google Play again in the future. You can also stay informed at

Future plan

Existing features of Fiwalld will remain free and upgradeable, and there is a preliminary plan to release a pro version:

Features Fiwalld Fiwalld Pro Tips
real time monitoring * *
Scheduled update of predefined rules * *
customed rules batch provision * *
Multi-dimensional statistical analysis * *
Predefined non logging DoH/DNSCrypt * *
adding custom DoH/DNScrypt or UDP DNS servers * *
Detailed IP location * *
Block all mode with allowed rules * *
Changing IP stack mode * *
Configuration and customed rules cloud backup *
Better UI *
Custom rules export/import *
Protocol base blocker(https, http, ftp, etc.) *
Full predefined DoH/DNSCrypt DNS list *
File base domain list import *
OpenVPN client *
Malicious behavior analysis and alerts *

You can also email me with your feature requests,like many other Fiwalld users did. Since I basically develop Fiwalld in my spare time, new features may not be updated so quickly. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


If you want to encourage my work and make me feel more fulfilled while developing, you can donate. Please leave your email address when donating, when Fiwalld has a professional version in the future, it will be easier for me to repay you. donate